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Suppliers 7mm Locomotives

4’6” wheels Ref: 7854 HR

Wheels for Loch, Duke, Strath, BIg Goods & Castle


Tender - All Kits

 3’ 9” 10 spoke Ref 7845SW


Slater’s Plastikard Ltd


Bogie - Duke/Strath

3’ 9” 10 spoke Ref 7845SW

Bogie - Loch/Big Goods

3’3” 8 spoke Ref 7839H

Bogie - Castle

3’3” 8 spoke Ref 7839H

Tender - Castle

3’6” 10 spoke ref:7842

Dunrobin Bogie wheels

2’8” ref 7832 HR

 Yankee Tank

2’8” ref 7832 HR or 3’0” Ref: 7836

For Drummond 0-4-4 Tank

2’6” bogie wheels: Ref 7830SL




Driving Wheels

for Loch, Duke, Strath

6’ 3” 19 spoke Ref 7875NW

for Big Goods

5’ 3” 15 spoke Ref 7863 HR Can be ordered flangeless too

for Castle

5’9” 18 spoke Ref 7869ST Slater’s do not make the correct driving wheel with 17 spokes

For Dunrobin

4’6” wheels Ref: 7854 HR

For Yankee Tank

5’ 3” 15 spoke Ref 7863 HR

For Drummond 0-4-4 Tank

4’6” wheels Ref: 7854 HR






for Big Goods

Cast Iron Driving Wheels ref D111

Walsall Model Industries


Cast Iron Tender Wheels ref S26

for Castle

Cast Iron Driving Wheels ref D117 (5’8”diameter)


Cast Iron Tender Wheels ref S26


You need to specify insulation requirements and there is no additional charge for flangeless drivers


Gearboxes and Motors


Roxey Mouldings

Roxey Mouldings

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

ABC Gears

ABC Gears


Miscellaneous fittings



Sprung buffers

Drummond style Round body  Ref 7910 or Tapered style

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

Fine Brass Chain

Ref 1209

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

Spacing Washers

Ref 7803

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd  

Dunrobin/Yankee  Buffers

Collet Tapered ref 7907

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

Handrail Knobs

Ref 7951M and 7951S

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

Big Goods Milled Coupling Rods

Contact John Taylor for these

tel: 01422 839538

Dunrobin Milled Rods


Locomotive fittings



Basic fittings

New  ref

Laurie Griffin           Highcroft View             West Woodlands                 Nr Frome              Somerset                     BA11 5EQ                       Tel : 01373455194    website: www.lgminiatures.co.uk

Smokebox Door Handle

Ref : 26-7

 Smokebox Door

Ref : 26-59

Cylinder Lubricators

Ref : 19-32

 Jones Chimney - (Duke)

Ref: 6-35

Jones Dome - Duke/Strath

Ref : 14-25

Jones Safety Valves and base: All Jones locomotives

Ref : 24-28

Cab Roof Duke/Strath

Ref : 5-29

Cab Roof Loch /Big Goods

Ref: 5-29

Tender Brake Standard Jones Locomotives

Ref : 4-13

Tender Axleboxes (Duke/Strath)

Ref : 29-25

Tender Springs (Duke/Strath)

Ref : 29-26

Tender axleboxes & springs (Loch/ Big Goods)

Ref : 29-23

Tender Water Filler Jones locomotives

Ref :34-32

Clack Valves (Original Duke boiler only)

Ref : 7-5

 Folding front vacuum pipe plus rear tender pipe

Ref : 32-16

Loch/Big Goods Chimney

Ref : 6- 43

Loch/Big Goods Dome

Ref : 14-28

Strath Chimney

Ref: 6 - 75

Jones Backhead Fittings

Fittings without cast backhead can be ordered from Laurie from the set Ref:2-17

Castle Chimney

Series 1 ref: 6-40 (remove capuchon for series 2 engines)

Castle Dome

Series 1 Ref: 14-24

Castle Dome

Series 2 Ref:

Castle Safety Valves

Ref: 24-27

Castle Steam Reverser

Ref: 23-28

Tender Water Fillers

Ref: 34-18 (2 are needed)

Tender Brake Standard (Wee Ben/Barney

Ref: 4-21

Castle Backhead Fittings

Fittings without cast backhead can be ordered from Laurie from the set Ref:2-24



Tablet Exchange forks

Ref : 18-11

Brake Lever Jones locos

Ref : 23-17

Backhead Jones locos

Ref : 2-17

Tender Bell Jones locos

Ref : 22-29

Drummond Whistle

Ref : 35-12

Westinghouse Pump

Ref : 32-2

Westinghouse Brake Pipes

Ref : 32-9



Many Other detailing parts available- see LG catalogue




Drummond 0-4-4 Tank


Brake Standard

REF 4-14


Ref 6-39

Safety Vaves/ Dome

Ref 14-23

Cylinder Lubricators

Ref 19-32

Water Tank Balance Pipes

Ref 28-13

Smokebox Door

Ref 26-44

Smokebx Dart

Ref 26-7

Vacuum Pipes

Ref 32-16

Tank fillers(2 needed)

Ref 34-14


Ref 35-12

Bogie Splashers

Ref 1-8

Bogie Sides

Ref 1-7

Brake CYlinders

Ref 3-15

Chassis sandbox

Ref 25-33

Backhead Fittings

Ref 2-16(Fittings without backhead)


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