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Coach Parts




Slater’s Plastikard

Gas lamp tops ref X7C01024

Slater’s Plastikard Ltd

or     Invertrain

Torpedo ventilators ref 7201

Gas cylinders ref X7C01018

Fine brass chain ref 1209

Brake van handle for guard’s compartment ref X705302

Coach seating ref 7203 and 7214

Mansell 3’7” dia wheels ref 7124G

3’7” 8-Solid Spoke ref 7127 for Fish Truck or D25 Brake

3’7” Plain Disc Wheels Ref 7125 for D25, D39 Brake Vans, D21 Meat Van

3’7” 10 Spoke Wheels Ref 7131 for D25 Brake

3’7” 8 Spoke Wheels Ref 7127 for D9 Sheep Van

3’1” 8 Spoke Wheels Ref 7120 for D17 Sheep Van

Buffer Heads and Springs Ref 7156



Wayoh Highland Coach bogies ref: WMR 036


CR Coach buffers for bogie corridor stock ref: A 4005

Coach Wheels Mansell ref: 7A002 or A0001

Screw Coupling ref: DA1

Vacuum Cylinder ref: DA7

Dynamo ref: DA8

GNOSR Buffers round  ref:  A4016

HR wagon buffers ref: OB16, OB17 Drummond or ref OB18 Jones

Vac, Steam & Air Pipes ref: DA9, DAB10


Lochgorm kits

8’ Fox bogie etchings


 GNOSR Cast Door Vents:

Contact Me re availability


Roxey Mouldings

8’ Fox bogie casting and frames ref 7A524

Roxey Mouldings


JPL Models

Vacuum cylinders & Brake cross shaft

JPL Models                         129 Elliot Street                  Tydesley                               Manchester                 M29 8FL

Westinghouse reservoirs

LSWR/CR Buffers


Peter Cowling

Resin cast HR side frames 8 foot       ref HR_0001

Peter Cowling              377 Beaumont Leys Lane Leicester                      LE4 2BG


Resin cast armchairs ref STG0023


Stone cast chairs ref STG0031


Lamp tops and Holders Ref: MR_0011


Gas lamp tops ref :CR_0005



Laurie Griffin

Coach Springs Ref: 36-28

Laurie Griffin           Highcroft View             West Woodlands             Nr Frome             Somerset                     BA11 5EQ                       Tel : 01373455194    website: www.lgminiatures.co.uk

Coach Axleboxes Ref: 36-31

Roof Oil Lamp Plugs Ref: 36-21


Dragon Models

Westinghouse Reservoir ref: 7371   Westinghouse cylinder ref 7331

Dragon Models 9 Kingsley Close, Sully, Penarth, Glamorgan , CF64 5UW                   Tel: 02920 531246

www.dragonmodelswales .co.uk

Wagon Parts

Parkside Dundas

Buffers for LNER/LMS Van ref :PS51

Parkside Dundas      Millie Street            Kirkcaldy                            Fife                                     Scotland                             KY1 2NL                            tel: 01592 640896              Website:                             www.parksidedundas.co. uk

Buffers for D39 Brake Van Ref: PS78

Buffers for D25 Brake Van Ref PS 54

Axleboxes for LNER/LMS Van from Kit Ref PS04: Parkside will supply if asked

Springs for LNER/LMS Van Ref PS04: Parkside will supply if asked

3 Link Couplings Ref: PS50

Torpedo ventilators Ref: PS60


Border Miniatures

D25 Brake Van axleboxes ref HR1

Pete Armstrong

Border Miniatures

6 Wheel Coch axleboxes ref HR2

Roof fittings lamps & bungs ref HR3

Roof Bungs ref HR4

Goods stock Vacuum pipes ref HR5

Coach Vacuum pipes ref HR8






Wagon castings

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