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Gas lamp tops ref 2945

Dart Castings

 or  Mainly Trains

Torpedo ventilators ref 2940

Vacuum & Heating pipes ref 2954

Vacuum & Heating pipes ref 2955

Locomotive vacuum pipes ref 4950

Alan Gibson

Vacuum /steam heat pipes ef 4M600, 4M601, 4M787

Alan Gibson

or Mainly Trains

Coach buffers ref 4970

Caley Coaches

Torpedo ventilators ref  CF 19

Caley Coaches

Comet Models

Coach vacuum cylinders ref C35

Comet models

or Mainly Trains

Coach torpedo ventilators ref RC1

Gas lamp tops ref C21

Gas cylinders  ref C18 or C19

Coach dynamo ref C33

Southern Pride

Coach seating ref P32 (1st corridor)

Southern Pride

or Mainly Trains

Coach seating ref P33 (3rd corridor)

Coach seating ref P37 (3rd non-corr)

Coach seating ref P40 single seats

Wizard Models

LNWR Buffers 16 Sprung ref LNWC022

Wizard Models

Westinghouse cylinders and reservoir ref: LNWC054

LYR Torpedo vents ref: LYRC040

LYR Gas Lamps large ref: LYRC041

LYR Gas Lamps Small ref: LYRC 042

Vacuum cylinders ref: UC012

Dynamos ref: UC013

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