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7mm scale  Highland Railway Big Goods Class 4-6-0     


Big Goods with flangeless centre driving wheel

Big Goods with flanged centre driving wheel

7mm scale  Highland Railway Castle Class 4-6-0 Chassis: Test Build

Bogie Assembly

Castle Chassis

Chassis showing spring assemblies bolted to frames

Completed Chassis Assembly

Tender Bogie Assembly

Castle Tender Underframe

Wee Ben/Barney Tender Underframe

Wee Ben and Bogie Tender

Castle series 1 and Castle Bogie Tender

7 mm Scale Wee Ben from Phil Giles Kit

Meat Van test Build Photos

Diagram 66 TPO 7mm test build

Duke of Sutherland’s Small saloon test build

7mm Scale test Build

4mm Scale test build

 Shots of Dunrobin Test Build

The shot on the right is the 4mm version loosely put together. All the rest of the images are 7mm scale

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