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4mm and 7mm scale  Highland Railway 4 Wheel Third  to Diagram 25

4mm ref :      HRC 14

7mm ref:       HR7 - C 9

7mm scale  ONLY Highland Railway 6 Wheel Third to Diagram 19

4mm and 7mm Scale Diagram 30 Bogie Third Luggage Brake

7mm ref:       HR7 - C 10

4mm ref :      HRC 15

7mm ref:       HR7 - C 11

4mm and 7mm Scale: Diagram 1 - 6 Wheel CoupÍ First

D1 - 6 Wheel CoupÍ First : Detail of end construction

4mm ref :      HRC 16

7mm ref:       HR7 - C 12

7mm Scale Diagram 60 or 61 Full Third

This kit is available now in 7mm scale Click here for details. The samecoach is also available now in 4mm scale with the same options (Click here for details).

The kit contains the sides to build either a Diagram 60 or 61    as Illustrated

H R Diagram 39 Mail Van

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