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** Very Important. **

Lochgorm Kits are open for mail order or e-mail orders, with New Releases  plannned for the coming year. (Check the website and press for details)  Possible releases are ; A  banking tank, D 6 4 andD 6 5 in 7mm scale. In 4mm scale there is the possibility of the D24 Brake Van. Let me know what you  would like.

Now available Drummond Dornoch 0-4-4 Tank (No fittings) £100.00

D5 - 6 PLank Mineral Wagon released. Cost £45.00

D51 Composite released: Now Available: Cost £80.00

Some more kits have been made Special Order Only (Which take about 5 weeks to get) namely the following:

HR7 - C8 D32 PBV  

HR7-C11 D 30 third

HR7L2 and LC2 The LOCH

 Gauge 1 HR10  C1 and HR10 C2

 HR7-C9 the D25 third and HR7-C20 The  D20 third   The 7mm scale Yankee Tank HR7 - L8

Namely the 4mm coach to diagram 15 ref HRC 18

HRC10 Jones Saloon to D21 HRC 15 Jone Brake 3rd to D30

HR7-C16 the Diagram 15 tri composite HR7-C22 The Duke of Sutherland’s small saloonThe 7mm Duke kit and chassis  the 7mm Strath kit and chasssis The 7mm Castle kit  locomotive, Chassis and Tender  The 7mm Big Goods locomotive, chassis and tender 

A covered Van to Diagram 29. Cost 50.00. The wagon kit comes with Drummond castings and buffers.


After 11 years I have decided to pull back from the number of exhibitions I  attend with the stand of Lochgorm Kits. The show in Glasgow (2014)will  be my last one there with my own trade space. In future I shall be  attending with the Highland Railway Society Stand if possible.

This year  I will not be at the HIghland Railway Society AGM in Perth in September2016 and Aberdeen in October 2016. I hope to be at Perth with the Highland society in 2017 .

Whilst I will not be attending as many shows as in the past, I and Lochgorm  Kits are very much open for business, with more new products to come in the future!! I look forward to meeting and greeting customers old and  young at these shows.

See Trading Terms for new Postal Charges as of 1st May 2012.

In order to create some space in the catalogue for new additions at a  later date, I have decided to reduce the number of some 4mm and 7mm  scale kits kept in stock. Once gone these kits will be to Special Order  Only. Please contact me if you wish to order one of these kits. It  normally takes about 5 weeks.

Please check the site for news of these releases as well as the modelling press, where prices will be confirmed

 Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our kits, or simply need more information and want to contact us,  click on the Contact Us button on any page within this site.

Please note that there may be a delay on delivery as occasionally items may go out of stock. Contact me if you wish to check the availability of a particular item of stock.

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