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Watch this page for developments in  2011.

Test Build of 6 wheel Jones Diagram 9 (Hunter) Luggage Composite as rebuilt to LMS Diagram 8 Composite  shown in 4mm scale model. 7mm build to Diagram 9 (still awaiting finishing)

D15 4mm and 7mm Scale Showing construction and assembly of sides and ends

7mm Scale Castle built as Series 1

7mm Scale Wee Ben and Bogie Tender

Highland Railway Meat Van

7mm Scale Meat Van test

4mm Meat Van test

Gauge 1  build of Diagram 19 Coach

The coach costs £175 plus £5.00 P & P.

It is supplied with all castings for the chassis, roof and door vents as well as buffers.

The builder needs to source wheels, couplings, vacuum pipes and  seats. Suitable items are in the range of fittings from Tenmille Products

Coming later in the year is a kit in 4mm and also in 7mm scale for the Duke of Sutherland’s small Day Saloon number 58A. Construction images are found by clicking here

4mm Scale

7mm Scale

Completed 4mm scale Dunrobin  and the small saloon

Click Here for Price of locomotive kit, which needs, wheels, gears and motor to complete.

Highland Railway Hosebox to Diagram 46. Kit requires wheels to complete 7mm scale.

Also Coming Soon Open Carriage Truck in 4mm scale

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