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Beginner's fret

This fret is mainly intended as an exercise in the construction of etched kits. While it is described as a ‘beginner’s’ kit it should be appreciated that this means a beginner to etched construction and not a total tyro. 

You should have a good working knowledge of wagonry and have built a fair number of plastic and white metal wagons before coming to this kit. A reasonable knowledge of such matters as brakegear is assumed.

At an early stage you must decide which of the two versions of this van you would like to build. The LMS version is much simpler in terms of the brake gear but beyond that there is no difference. The LMS wagons had three link couplings while the LNER ones had screw.

It is intended that a complete model should result if you are successful in assembling the parts on the fret, and to complete it you will need to obtain wheels, buffers, pin point bearings, axleboxes and springs brake cylinder and couplings elsewhere.

Alan Gibson, ABS, and MJT will be able to supply these, but I have no doubt there are other sources as well.


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