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Lochgorm Kits supply etched brass kits for locomotives, carriages and wagons of the former Highland Railway Company in 2mm, 4 mm, 7mm and 10mm scale.

The range has as its basis the Highland Railway kits which were in the 5522 models range and which I took over from the designer A W H L Wright, in November 2005. This also includes the beginners frets, which are designed as an introduction to the construction of etched kits. See the wagons page for more details

Since those early days the range which consisted of only 4mm kits has been expanded to include 7mm versions and some 2mm and 10mm scale versions as well.

A footbridge was the first all new addition to Lochgorm Kits range and since then new coaches and locomotives have been designed and developed by myself to expand the range to over 90 kits, with more under development. The lineside fittings too have increased and now include lamp tops, seats,representations of cast brackets, windows and shed doors all in etched brass

The kits and fittings are available via mail order at the address shown on the Contact Us page.

Suggestions for future kits from the Highland Railway should also be sent to me, especially if a group of modellers is prepared to guarantee an economic production run, in order to cover development costs for artwork and casting masters.

Details of current catalogue listing are available by return for an SAE or on the web site where a PDF file of the various catalogues can be downloaded as well as an order form.

Please note that there may be a delay on delivery as occasionally items may go out of stock. Contact me if you wish to check the availability of a particular item.


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