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Welcome to a New section of the website, where pictures of constructed kits in the range can be viewed.

Clicking on the picture will give further details of the prototype and where 2 kits are shown in the one picture, clicking the appropriate part of the picture will take you to either the 4mm or the 7mm scale details.

Some photographs will show work in progress as well as steps in construction of some of the kits due for release later in the year.

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are by A Copp © Lochgorm Kits 2008.

Thanks are extended to those photographers and builders for their permission to use their work.



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Commission Builds

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More Coaches

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Yet More Coaches

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Under Construction

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Further Coaches

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Under Construction 2

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Completed Coaches

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Under Construction 3

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Under Construction 4

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New Releases

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Coming June 2015

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